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Our story

Camping has never been just a hobby for the Camp in Eleena, Company crew. For us, camping is a way of life. With the realization that everyday life typically gets in the way of our need for at least a campfire session, we knew we weren’t alone in letting too many things get in the way of getting outside. It was time to make camping a top priority.

Utah Camping Company was born with a mission to make it easy for everyone to camp more, including us. That’s why we do all the work so you can focus on camping. Whether you’re an avid camper or have never given it a try, we’ve created camping experiences everyone can enjoy. And, best of all, we’ve made it incredibly easy. So, no more excuses. Let’s camp!

Our Group

  • Eleena Group is one of the famous Travel Company in Sri Lanka. We are a small group of like-minded people with a real spirit for nature and adventure travel in Sri Lanka. With a wealth of knowledge about our wilderness, and many seasons of operating adventure and nature excursions in Sri Lanka, We know where all the exciting and unusual attractions are, and how to offer you an outstanding holiday experience in Sri Lanka. Under Eleena Umbrella we are specialized with 







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